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The TRIUMPH Collection is a showcase of ultimate luxury.

It has been expertly crafted to provide all the pleasures of life: a refreshing swim area,
the therapeutic balms of a built-in spa, combined with a heavenly patio
that is your own splash pad.

All of it carefully sized so that you can enjoy your own paradise at home. There are no limitations
to the good life you can enjoy with this design.

The TRIUMPH is a testament to the truth in that “great things come in smaller packages.”  This design provides everything you want in a pool: swimming pool, splash pad plus a built-in spa.  The ingenious design allows for a trim length and width so that any family can experience the victory of having it all even if your backyard does not allow for full size proportions.



Inspired by the most beautiful places on Earth, our collection of breathtaking gelcoat surface colors sets the standard of performance with excellent UV, blister and chemical resistance while allowing you to stylize and customize your swimming pool to help create your personal slice of paradise

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