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Auto Cover

Building the ultimate pool starts here!

What’s Best way to keep unwanted things out of your pool?

One the best decisions & features you could make when buying a pool is including an Automatic safety cover..

These covers stay tucked under the concrete making them unnoticeable & at the flip of a switch you can close and lock your pool. keeping unwanted things out of your pool!

Also helps heat and retain heat in your pool which in turn saves you money on utilities

Saves you money on chemicals

And saves you a ton of time cleaning and maintenance.

We got the pool of your dreams & all starts here. Let's start building your dream backyard oasis today, start by browsing our fiberglass pool models and sizes. 


Once you find the pool of your dreams submit your contact information with pool model and size and we will get back to you as soon as Possible!🌴💦

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