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Were we transform your backyard into an Oasis. A place were your family and friends can enjoy. A place where you can call your escape.

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Des Moines, Iowa and threw  out central Iowa.

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Are you thinking of getting a in-ground fiberglass pool? but don't know where to start? There's many different options from pool shapes and sizes to water features and accessories. We make the whole progress easy for you. 

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Introducing our lineup!

We offer a variety of pools.From  small to big and from round to rectangle. these pools are all built by the number 1 World leading manufacturer in fiberglass pools Aviva Pools. Choosing a design and size is the first step to making your dreams come true.

Pool Sizes 

  • 21x10

  • 27x14

  • 30x14.5

  • 35x15.5

  • 40x16

Lifetime Warranties​​


AVIVA POOLS stands behind our products by offering not one, but two Lifetime Warranties for Structural & Osmosis protection. 

 The Most Glamorous Color Of The World

colors aviva.jpg


Bring the world’s greatest luxury destinations to your backyard paradise.  We offer seven beautiful selections that glisten and sparkle in the sunshine while also offering you the highest level of protection in UV, blister and chemical resistance.  AVIVA POOLS™ provides a ten-year guarantee on the highest-quality gelcoat in the market today.  Ask us to view and touch a sample of our color tiles.  Bring the wonders of the world to your home oasis.

We take care of the whole project from the

Start To Finish!

Having a big project like a pool installation will naturally lead to some grass getting destroyed but One of our favorite parts is the finishing touches! Thats why we offer Landscaping with all of our installs, now that means that we will restore your yard, by either spreading seed, sod or Hydro seed. Also if you need retaining walls, paver patios, outdoor kitchens, or any elegant landscape design to accommodate your pool, we offer it all.

How Does This Help You?

  •   We are not the typical company that leaves a pool with a big mess in your back yard.

  • Not having to deal with so many contractors, we are the one stop shop. Saving you a ton of head aches.




Why Choose US?



As a company our goal is to do quality work, and to install long lasting pools. We always install all our pools up to industry standards, and

we always put our


on all of our pools!

Construction Manager

Friendly People

We understand how stressful and nerve-racking a big project in your backyard can be. Thats why we always make it easy and friendly for you to communicate with us. we are always ready to answer all your calls and to always answer all your questions.


Affordable Pricing

Our rates are extremely great and affordable for the types of services we offer. All jobs are bid to your custom design and needs with quality work in mind. 

Our Partner Company


all of our installation methods are industry standers or better. 

  1. Excavation 

  2. gravel leveled bed

  3. Crane pool in

  4. plumbing 

  5. chip gravel around the pool

  6. Concret or pavers

  7. Landscaping

  8. Invite everyone for a pool party!

How Do we Install a pool?


 The price of the pool and installation can vary on many factors for example 

  • The size of the pool 

  • The size of the deck

  • Pavers or concrete 

  • Add on any water features 

Also another thing you want to consider is the shape of your yard, if your yard has a slope than it will most likely will need a retaining wall. Ultimately we design it to your budget and dreams.

What is the cost of a inground pool?


First, we meet with you to discuss your pool design preferences, needs, and budget. From the simplest designs to the most fanciest, we do them all. Once we come up with a beautiful design. We sign a contract to protect you and us. We are fully insured and licensed.

What is the process of designing pool?