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3 Tips Before You get a Pool Quote


1. Decide on the right type of pool that fits your lifestyles. There are 3 different types of pools you can choose from (vinyl liner, concrete, fiberglass). All 3 have advantages and disadvantages. Understanding the difference between the three can be difficult but we advise you to get a hold of one of our Juarez fiberglass pool techs, Mark - (515)729-7331. He can help you figure out Wich one is the best for your lifestyle and answer all your questions.



2. How to find a good pool contractor? Choosing the right Pool contractor is going to save you time and headaches. The cheapest bid is usually going to have the poorest Quality Install and Poor communication. TIP: A good pool contractor will have good communication. Building a pool comes with many challenges and questions, being stuck with a pool contractor that you cannot get a hold of is going to cause headaches !


3. The construction timeframe and understanding the install process. The time it takes to install a pool will depend on the type of pool you are installing, and the pool contractor you choose! As fiberglass pool builders it takes a well-trained experienced crew of 3 to install a pool in days. The process of installing a pool requires experience, The right tools, and the right materials. Homeowners can save themselves a big headache when they understand the process and keep the Quality in check!

At Juarez Fiberglass Pools the leading central Iowa Fiberglass pool installers, save you headaches and problems! We stand behind our work and our priority is to build you a paradise that you and your loved ones can enjoy.

Call our pool tech or message us any questions you would like answered

Pool tech: Mark- (515)729-7331

Sales: Sam (515)771-7924

Ready For A Qoute






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