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Why Fiberglass Pools Are The Best.


1. Fiberglass pools are durable

Fiberglass pools can last more than 50 years, with less maintenance required to keep it useful and enjoyable decade after decade.


2. Fiberglass pools are low maintenance

For example, the non-porous surface (the gelcoat) of a fiberglass pool resists algae growth and won't react with the chemicals commonly used to sanitize pool water. This simply means you won’t have to spend as much time adding and balancing chemicals or scrubbing the walls.

You won’t have to worry about acid washing your fiberglass pool's surface as you might with a concrete pool, or changing and/or patching holes in a vinyl liner all day.



3. Fiberglass pools are flexible

Iowa’s ground is always shifting & moving but Fiberglass pools are flexible and made to withstand the earth's movement without any major damage to the pool shell.


5. Fiberglass pools are algae-resistant

A fiberglass pool's non-porous surface won't let algae stick to its walls, which makes algae much less likely to become a problem in your pool -- provided you maintain it regularly!

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4. Best turn key rate

Fiberglass pools have the fastest installation turn key time. When it takes other types of pools like a vinyl liner or a concrete pool months to install. Fiberglass pools take 1 week to 2 weeks when the conditions are right.






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